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Uninsulated 8' x 8' x 20', Sea Shipping Container, Delivered to you from, The Plains, OH 45780



Size: 160

Available: 8/30/2013


rent is $300/quarter or $100/month with a 3 month minimum rental.

8 x 8 x 20 single door steel shipping container. These things are tough, hard to break into. All of our containers come with our secure lock system. We can deliver it to your door, pick it up and deliver it to your next door, or store it at our yard. Using our Patented QuickLoadz system we will pick up your container gently and place it down gently.

Lease Terms

$0.00 security deposit

Rent is $240/qtr or $80/month, with a 3 month minimum. A pickup and a delivery fee. $50 within 25 miles of 5080 Poston Rd, The Plains, OH. Otherwise $2 mile as charted by Google Maps from 5080 Poston Rd. The Plains, OH